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For the last 3 years I have participated as a coselnuor/teacher in an outdoor school camp (6th graders spend a week of the school year at camp- it's hosted by a YMCA camp- awesome way to reach kids that would never have had a camp experience otherwise.) Anyway, we have a bead program, but we don't have different beads for different types of behavior we wish to reward- they just get a bead when they do something good. I love the thought of having rare beads for extra special things. I'll be stealing a few of your ideas . We just got back about 2 weeks ago, and I'm already thinking about next year! Another way we use them is that they get specific beads for completing specific tasks. For example, we have hiking trails that we use to teach our lessons about biomes, the ecosystem, etc. When they complete a trail (there's usually a task associated with each trail), they get a specific bead. We do the same with our other activities- canoeing, horseback riding, etc. The only other special bead we have is the coveted blue bead.. Again, remember that many of these kids haven't been in this kind of environment before- so a lot of them don't feel comfortable errrr, going #2 in a setting where there isn't as much privacy as home.. Our coordinator has actually had to take a kid to the local hospital because he had gone 4 days without going and was having terrible stomach pain. So now we have one teacher who is the bestower of the blue beads- which you can only get by reporting to her that you had a BM. Sounds weird, but the kids laugh about it, and it takes some of the stress that some of them feel about it- it becomes something you wear with pride instead of something to be embarrassed about. It also creates a lot of openings for humor- skit night usually has many references to earning a blue bead etc. I'm not sure if nervousness about using the bathroom is even an issue at traditional summer camp or not- this is the only camp setting I've ever worked in, but the blue beads seem to work for us. I'm curious, what beads do you use for your most special beads? Are they very distinctive from the rest? I'm trying to get some ideas for rare beads but the ones I've looked at are all either pretty similar to the rest, or really expensive.


George, it sounds like a lot of your beads are more like erinang badges through the scouts, by accomplishing certain tasks. I think that's a great reason to give beads out. As for the special beads I use beads with the letter o for original, the director's bead is one of those expensive ones from Michael's (but I've only given one set out) and a lot of the other beads are taken from a bag of wooden beads that look tribal. The bag or box comes with a variety of beads and I seperate and make piles of the ones that look similar. Some I use for nature beads, others for strength beads, etc. It doesn't really matter what beads they are as long as everyone in camp knows which beads are for what. I use a simple black bead for humor. Those that think they are camp comedians want a black bead sooooo bad. Even though they can go to the local crafts store and get their own, they don't. They want to get one from their counselor. They want to wear it and know that they have earned it. It's great!Thanks for sharing your experience with your bead system. Do they keep their beads ona necklace?


Anitra Good videos - I hope there will be more. I can rellay see how different your paste is to my first lot made with sand. If I can work out how to post a picture, I'll show you some of the results of my sandy mix. I've had some difficulty tracking down fine silica "flour" (generally just called quartz over here). Most pottery suppliers don't seem have it as a stock item, though they might be using it in their own formulations. One, however, agreed to send me a bag of 300s mesh which I hope will be fine enough, though I won't have a chance to play with it for a couple of weeks as I'm away from home. Alan


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